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Tilapia, Koi , Pomfret
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JinengBali Agro Freshwater Fisheries

Embark on a freshwater journey at JinengBali Agro Freshwater Fisheries, where the tranquility of inland waters meets sustainable aquaculture practices, creating a haven for a diverse array of freshwater delights. Our fisheries showcase a commitment to responsible farming, ensuring the health of Bali's inland aquatic ecosystems
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Our Fisheries

Nurturing Inland Aquatic Abundance

JinengBali Agro Freshwater Fisheries is a sanctuary for sustainable inland aquaculture, where the serenity of freshwater ecosystems harmonizes with responsible farming practices and cultural preservation. Whether you're exploring the educational facets, savoring the culinary delights, or engaging with local traditions, our freshwater fisheries invite you to dive into a world where inland aquatic harmony meets the legacy of Balinese freshwater life.